Handing Out Samaritan Bags

Now that you have made all these Samaritan Bags, what do you do with them? The idea is that you keep some in your car where you can easily reach them when you come across someone in need. That may look like passing it out through your window when stopped at a light or maybe it means running back to your car to grab it at a park one day. Please be mindful of your surroundings and do not put yourself in a dangerous situation to hand out a bag.

Pray over your bags and listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting about handing it out. For some handing out a bag is enough. It’s a big step outside their comfort zone. For others, it is an invitation to a discussion. Here are some stories from people who have handed out Samaritan Bags. Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear it! Send it to us below!

Rearview Mirror

Divine Appointment

I took one of the Samaritan Bags and put it in my car to wait for a “divine appointment” to give it away to someone in need. I was waiting at a red light when out of the corner of my eye I saw this man who looked like the years had been unkind. I had a sense that this bag was for him and lowered my window and reached out to give it. He looked surprised and all I said was “There’s a God out there looking out for you!” As I drove away I looked in my rear view mirror just long enough to see him discover what was in the bag and with a huge smile he stepped out onto the curb and waved a big grateful wave to me. I don’t know how our Lord will use that moment of contact, but I do know there is a man out there wondering if there is a God looking out for him.

– Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
Chancellor of Phoenix Seminary

Homeless Man

An Amazing Experience

I was stopped at the light at I17 and Bell Rd and there was a man with a sign on the corner. I rolled my window down and handed him a Samaritan Bag. He was so grateful, especially for the socks! As I rolled up my window I  noticed that the man was crying. I was so moved by this experience. I cannot wait to have more bags in my car and pay it forward!

-Sammy G.


Overcoming Anxiety

I was nervous to hand out my bag and had anxious thoughts running through my head. What if they didn’t like it? What if they didn’t really need it? What if I did it wrong?  One day I was exiting the freeway and saw a lady with a cardboard sign who was asking for help. I took a deep breath, and rolled down my window and handed her the bag. I don’t know the answer to my questions, because I realized that I have no control over the outcome, only control to go where God leads me.

-Jennifer W.

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