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AZ Gives Day 2014


Today, April 9th, is AZ Gives Day. AZ Gives Day was created to highlight local AZ charities by encouraging AZ residents to donate locally to help their communities. And we need your help!

By your help by just donating $10 and sharing online or via email with 10 friends, Samaritan Bags will be eligible for grants and prizes from the AZGives sponsors! Will you please help us TODAY?

Here’s what you can do:
– Donate $10 here:
– Then share with 10 friends
– Download a new Facebook Cover Photo and/or Profile Picture like ours for today. Here is the link:

Your support will help us provide Samaritan Bags for the community to hand out to those who are in need. When you click on the link below you will be taken to our profile page for this event and will see our parent organization, The Christian Chain, as the beneficiary of your donation. Thank you so much for your support!

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Prayer List – March 2014

Monthly Prayer Requests

We are continually seeing God’s blessings on this ministry and are truly thankful. As you are spending time in the word this month and taking time in prayer, please remember this ministry. Prayer is the greatest support you could possibly give. As you pray, here are some specific request that we have for the month of March.

  • Upcoming large packing event. We have a large event coming up the first weekend of April. We will be partnering with a North Phoenix Kiwanis Club and Kitchen on the Street. Check out our Event page and our blog to stay updated on this coming event. Please pray that all items will be able to be ordered and delivered on time.
  • We are working out details for a large packing event with another large organization here in the valley. Please pray that these details continue to fall into place. 
  • We are currently in development of a mobile application for Apple and Android devices. This app will allow users to do many things, but most importantly, it will allow the user to find the closest food bank and homeless shelter to their current location. This can help when you are handing out a bag to someone who is in need, and if they ask for further assistance, you can offer them an address and phone number to call. Please pray that this development continues to go well and a final product can be released soon.
  • Donors, this one is for you all. We are working on a site that will allow you to easily login and see your past donations and download your IRS documents. This project is taking more time than we had hoped, so it will not be ready for this tax season, but we do hope to have a beta site live in the next month or so. Please pray for the funds to arrive to finish this project. We know how beneficial immediate information is to our donors, and we want to deliver that soon.
  • We need continual prayer that we stay in line with God’s direction for this ministry and this organization. There are many great ideas that we would like to see accomplished, but we wish to not get ahead of God’s plan. Please pray for clarity in our understanding of God’s leadings. 
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Highlands Church Event

We had a great time yesterday at Highlands Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

While there we were able to hand out 300 bags to many in the congregation. In fact, we have now handed out the last bags of our surplus. So, we need another bagging event! 

Here is what Pastor Jason Fritz had to say during his sermon.

Pastor Jason Fritz of Highlands Church in Scottsdale, Arizona talks about the importance of hospitality during his sermon on “Godly Influence” on February 9, 2014.

This video is an excerpt from that sermon where Pastor Fritz uses the parable of the Good Samaritan taught by Jesus to show how we are called to show kindness and hospitality to those who are in need. He also shows how Samaritan Bags are a good resource for the church to use to fulfill that mandate from Jesus himself.

For the entire sermon by Jason Fritz, please visit the Highlands Church website at:

OR go to their Vimeo video page at:
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Donation for Large Event

Giving Hope Worldwide has provided us with a very generous donation to help put on a large event. 

We are very grateful to this organization for seeing the vision we have and wanting to partner with us in our endeavors. We have already gotten started on planning this event. We will need a lot of volunteers to help, so if you are in the Phoenix area and would like to join with us at this event. Please contact us by clicking here.

We look forward to getting this event off the ground!
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Donations for Business Growth

I want to make a special thank you to those who have offered to help with money or provide free services to help grow this project. The following have offered to assist us within this past week:

  • Erik Lund of Lund Insurance Group has offered to pay for our first set of business card.
  • Tami Dobbs with Premier Graphics has offered their services to design our business cards.
  • Gillian Benowich with G Media has offered to do an video interview and create an informational video for our website.

There are also many other exciting things in the works. I look forward to completing them and getting you updated soon.
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So much has happened…

Since my last post over two months ago, so much has happened. 

First, thank you to all of you that donated to our Boston Relief efforts. As a follow up to that fundraising, we raised a total of $1,051.00!! I contacted many churches in the area and, understandably it took a while to get in touch with the right people within each church. Every church I talked to, which had relief efforts underway, informed me that their congregations stepped up and helped fund their efforts; so, no one needed our money. I took this as a good sign. The Christian community was gathering together and doing amazing work already!

The senior pastor of one of the last churches that we talked to thanked us for our offer and informed me that his church was already helping one of the victim’s roommate, and family with their needs and encouraged me to look at The One Fund. Here is more information taken from their website about this particular relief fund: 
At the request of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, The One Fund Boston was formed to assist victims and families affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 and in the days that followed. In the weeks after the Marathon, through the incredible generosity of thousands of individuals, foundations and corporations, One Fund Boston has raised more than $50M for the victims and the families.
After researching this fund, we decided that it would be the best use of our resources, and funds raised, to donate the full amount to this relief fund. 

Thank you all for your help, for reaching deep and giving to those affected by tragedy.
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Boston Strong…

… and Pride in the United States. 

What a wonderful way to show our strength as a people, that we are able to sing the words of the Star Spangled Banner with pride after such tragedy.

It joys my heart to continue to hear of all the positive help and support being sent to Boston after Monday’s bombing. We are still taking donations and will be sending off the collection so far next week.

If you would like to assist us in providing aid to those who have been affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy, you can do so through this donation link: 

And just as a reminder, we are an official 501(c)(3) public charity. So, you can be assured that 100% of your donation will go towards Boston relief. For verification of our public charity status, please see our blog post here: Warning: Beware of Scams
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Warning: Beware of Scams

I just read the following article by Washington Times: Watchdogs Warn of Fake Boston Bomb Charities

This again is evidence of how humankind can be evil. To take advantage of this situation is wrong. That is why we want to assure everyone considering donating through our organization that 100% of the donations through our Boston relief fund link will go towards relief efforts in Boston.

Also to verify that we are an official 501(c)(3) public charity please visit our organization’s website at:

You can also verify our current status on the website at IRS Charity Check. Our registered EIN is 45-5320220.

Also, we are currently utilizing PayPal as our merchant provider. This way you can be assured that we do not collect your credit card information and you have an extra layer of fraud protection.

Whether you give through our organization or another, please be safe with your money. And only give through responsible and verified charities. And if you have any questions please contact us immediately. May God bless you and keep in His arms those affected by this tragedy.
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Bombing in Boston

Boston Tragedy

Today’s destructive tragedy has shocked us all. Once again we are faced with the realization that we live in a fallen world where human beings do evil things to one another. Much like the evil depicted in the story of the Good Samaritan. Evil is done for reasons that we do not understand, and we are often never given a reason why they occur. But, we can rest assured that a loving God watches out for us and acts through human beings to bring comfort in our times of distress; if only we listen to his direction. 

The goal of Samaritan Bags is to not only create bags of necessities for those in need; but also, as the Samaritan did, to provide monetary aid when needed. 
…the next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper, saying, ‘Take care of him, and whatever more you spend, I will repay you when I come back.’ ~
In light of this tragedy, we are taking donations to go towards relief efforts in Boston, MA. We have contacted numerous churches in the Boston area letting them know that we are going to be sending support their way. If you are a church in the Boston area needing assistance, please contact us through our contact form at the bottom of the about us page

If you would like to assist us in providing aid to those who have been affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy, you can do so through this donation link: 

If you have any questions about how this money will be used, please contact us through the form on the bottom of the about us page.

Update 7:42 PM

We have raised over $1,000 in just a few hours. Thank you to everyone that is continuing to give.

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Final Total for Club 56…

70 bags!!! Great job Club 56!!!

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