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But a Samaritan, as he journeyed, came to where the man was, and when he saw the man, he had compassion on him.
~ Luke 10:33

Who We Are

Samaritan Bags is a community project run by The Christian Chain, Inc.; a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based out of Phoenix, Arizona. This project grew out of the need that the Chairman saw as he was driving around the Phoenix valley one day. Within one day he came across multiple people who were homeless and in need of food and a job. We often see these people standing at intersections with a sign asking for help, and we often drive by them without a second look. This day, God brought these people to the Chairman's heart and brought the idea for a Samaritan Bag.

There is a need for a bag which is readily available to give to those in need; and we know that people want to help.

What We Do

We partner with churches and other community organizations to help pack the bags and provide them to people to carry in their cars. Often times we do not give to those in need because we fear that they will use the money for things other than necessities, or because we are not prepared for the moment when it arises. Like the Samaritan in the parable (see blog post here), we should always be prepared to help those who are in need, no matter how different they may be and no matter in what type of state they may be living.

This is something that you may have heard about before. Some people call these bags "blessing bags" or "giving bags". What is different about our bags, is that we also provide information within the bags to locations where the person can go to get a hot meal, a bed for the night, as well as assistance from churches. (See below for more information).

This is who we are, and what our mission is: to provide community help for those in need by providing for their immediate, continued and eternal needs.

It is our hope to not just give a one time gift that may be gone within a day. We want to provide a way towards the first steps in getting help.

What is in a
Samaritan Bag?

Samaritan Bags was birthed with the mission to help provide for the three stages of needs every person has. First is the immediate need; water and food of some kind. Second is their continued needs; warmth, a place to stay, a job to earn money. Lastly, their eternal need; recognition of the love of their God.

In short: A Samaritan Bag is a packed bag of necessities, which is ready to be given to a person in need as the Spirit leads you.


Water is a necessity in life. All humans need to drink it, and especially in the Phoenix Valley. Dehydration has profound negative effects on a person and not having clean water can cause many other diseases. This is an absolute necessity to be given in every bag.

Food Items

Food is another necessity of life, but healthy food is also necessary. For most, this will be received when they arrive at a food kitchen or a shelter. For the moment, we need to be able to provide food that they are able to eat immediately to give them strength and curb the hunger. These items need to be non-perishable and able to withstand extreme heat conditions. Even in places that are not desert climates, the temperature within a car can get extremely hot during the day while sitting in the sun. Please make sure that any food you put in a bag is able to withstand the heat for long periods of time.

Health Needs

Providing them with the tools they can use to attend to their ongoing health is important. There can be many types of items that are included to meet these needs.
  • First Aid KitThis can be made individually and does not have to be an official kit. In a separate baggie is included bandaids of all sizes, gauze, and hand sanitizer. It is best not to put anything in the kit that could be used to do harm to themselves or another person.
  • Cleaning suppliesThis isn't your typical cleaning supplies that you would see around your house, but things like mild sanitizing wipes so they can clean their hands or their food utensils.
  • Directions to health clinicsThere are many clinics in the valley that are available for people who are unable to pay for care. Providing easy to read map on where these clinics are located is important.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
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Physical Needs

There are many other things that we take for granted, that those who live on the street would love to have. Here are a few items that are included to provide for these needs.
  • Socks and gloves
  • Comb/Brush
  • Washcloths
  • Travel Size Deodorant
  • Sun Screen
  • Chapstick
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Spiritual Needs

Like before, there is also be a map in the bag that has locations of churches around the valley that have ministries focused on those who are homeless. These churches have facilities setup and resources available to aid those in need. They also can provide for the person in a caring manner, thus showing the love of God to them. This is much like the Samaritan: showing the love of God through his actions.

Partner With Us

There are many ways that you can partner with us in this ministry to offer assistance to those in need. You can:
  • Make your own Samaritan BagIf you need any help or direction with this, please feel free to send us an email. We will be glad to assist.
  • Put on an eventDo you work in an office, attend a school, or worship at a church? I am sure there are people there that are like minded and would love the opportunity to help. Contact us and we will help guide you in preparing your event. You can setup donation boxes the weeks prior, and then during the event, work together to pack the bags. Then, you can distribute the bags made to those within your office, school or church.
  • Donate fundsWe are still in the grass roots stage of development, but it is our hope to get to a point where we can help provide many of the items needed for the Samaritan bags to groups that desire to put them together. If you would like to help see this ministry expand and provide for the needs of those who are impoverished, please join with us.

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